We meet the second Tuesday of every month. Our present location is Brown’s Brewing Company, 417 River Street, Troy, New York.

Our meetings start at 6:30 PM and formally begin with a reading of the minutes and reports from the Treasurer and Representative to the State Committee followed by other reports on recurring and special activities. These usually take about 30 minutes and are followed by about an hour of discussion about future activities and issues of current interest. Occasionally, we have a presentation that may challenge some of our premises so as to encourage discussion that may increase our understanding of and ability to respond to other viewpoints.

The party is moving towards a county organization. Interested people are encouraged to attend country chapters. See ‘Contact’.


Spread the message:

  • Thoughts and ideas of interest to libertarians can be found on the internet including also here and here. Use them as desired.
  • The Capital District Libertarian Party has little money to persuade voters. A Letter To The Editor (LTE) doesn’t cost money. Capital District newspapers still have thousands of readers. This is an opportunity for libertarians to both get people to question their current assumptions about government and offer competing ideas. Click here for more.
  • A ‘speaker’s corner’ is another avenue of opportunity to communicate libertarian alternatives. People interested in speaking to groups who may want to hear libertarian alternatives to current issues and problems are encouraged to do so. Ideally, topics should go beyond the more traditional subjects linked to libertarians like the ’drug war’. Possibilities could include: social consequences of economic policy; effects of government regulations on ( … supply name of some institution or group…); regulatory failure; legislated failures; social division and instability; etc. Click here for more.
  • Advertising costs money that we don’t have. Small ads showing a link to the chapter website for further information can’t hurt. Anyone interested in supporting this initiative with money or talent is welcome to participate. Click hereThese communication initiatives have two objectives:

    1. Get people to question their current assumptions about the costs and benefits of government;
    2. Offer persuasive alternative libertarian ideas that suggest a better solution or outcome.

    If you want to participate in these communication projects please feel free to contact our Communications Director, Werner Hetzner ( email or 518-542-4117 ) if you have questions.


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